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Wanted: 52 Happy Tummies

Tom Cottar, one of our founders, is turning 52 years old this year! To celebrate, we're raising money to feed 52 kids suffering from food insecurity!

As you know, thousands of kids in our school districts are on free and reduced meal programs. What you may not know is that when many of those kids leave school on Friday, they don't eat again until they return to school Monday morning. So, From Friday at lunch until Monday morning at  breakfast, they suffer from what's called food insecurity

We're on a mission to feed 52 more of those kids.

Your tax-deductible gift of $29 per month brings more than just food and a full belly. It provides hope. It brings encouragement. Statistically, we know that by reducing food insecurity, we can also reduce anxiety, behavioral problems, discipline issues, and even violence at home.

We believe that no child should ever go hungry. We believe that in a land of abundance, the truest test of our compassion is how we treat those who are most vulnerable. And we believe that even if no one else will work to feed at-risk kids, we will.


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