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Heroes Alliance 


We're partnering with businesses all across our region to form the 

Heroes Alliance. We're a squad of like-minded leaders and influencers

with a common goal: 

Growing their business while serving children in need. 

Throughout the year, we offer 90-day partnerships (aka 'missions') to help

local businesses grow while raising money to feed kids. Those partnerships

are available as follows: 

Mission #1: July - September.

Mission #2: October - December.

Mission #3: January - March.

Mission #4: April - June.

Each unique 90-day 'mission' showcases local businesses -- food, clothing, home products,

jewelry, personal services... and more! We promote each one and highlight how they are currently giving back to Backpack Friends.

YOUR support of these businesses helps US wipe out weekend hunger. 

Here's what's happening NOW: 











  • A big welcome to the newest member of our Heroes Alliance supporters: Allyson Carter!

$200 back to Backpack Friends with every property sold through Allyson Carter, Realtor! 

Visit her online at

  • 15% of every 'My Friends and I' friendship book sold will be donated to Backpack Friends! 

Sharing our belief that life is indeed better with friends, they're graciously donating 15% of their

sales from February to April for the adorable 'My Friends and I' book to support

Backpack Friends.


The unique interactive friendship book is designed for kids aged 5-12 travels from

friend to friend and back to you. It lets you discover your friends' and friends-to-be's

favorite foods, hobbies, dreams, and so much more, all while creating a keepsake filled

with photos and shared moments.


In celebration of Friendship Month in February, get 15% off every 'My Friends and I' book

using the promo code FRIEND at checkout at

  • 20% of every Tower Garden goes to feed kids! 

These amazing aeroponic home/school gardens produce 66% more food than a

traditional garden and use only 2% of the water. It's an all organic, non-GMO,

self-watering garden. Now anyone with a brown thumb can provide

better-than-grocery-store food for their families for pennies a day. Get more info here. 


As always: YOUR support of our Heroes Alliance supporters helps US wipe out

weekend hunger.

**Is your business interested in participating? Click here (or scan below) to get started! 

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