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School garden program

There's a reason why school gardens are so important: hands-on learning, development of essential skills, improvement of nutrition and health, mental well being, community engagement, environmental education, and personal/social responsibility to name a few. 

But let's be honest. 

It's an uphill battle with bugs, pests, weeds, animals, heat (or freezes)... and it's TONS of work added to a school staff that's already overworked and underpaid.

Our solution is partnering with school districts to provide the latest aeroponic technology to campuses. Fully automated., whether indoors or outdoors. No weeds or pests. No soil or bugs. A complete all organic, non-GMO system that produces 66% MORE produce using only 2% of the water used by a traditional garden. 

Watch it in action HERE. 

Interested in bringing nutrient-dense learning to YOUR campus? Fill out the form below and we'll send a no-commitment info link your way! 

Let's GROW the future of students in your community! 

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