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Be An Impactivist

Impact + Activist = Impactivist

In the last year, we’ve noticed something about the Backpack Friends family: they’re committed to making a real impact in the lives of children in our community. So much so that we’ve delivered more than 720,000 lbs of food to children who have nothing to eat once they leave their school campus. That’s more than 90,000 backpacks of food to fill their tummies.

But it’s more than food. It’s hope.

With the security of having food to eat over the weekend, we’ve watched as kids in our program develop more positive peer relationships and experience fewer instances of bullying. We’ve seen their behavior and academic performance rise, and their anxiety shrink.

The highest tier of our partners are impact-focused and activist-driven. We call them Impactivists.

While each one is involved at different levels of partnership, they all understand the principles of efficient and effective business management. They know it takes hard work, determination, transparency and community support to build a program that is sustainable and impactful. The financial support from our Impactivist team helps underwrite our operational costs.

Why? Because we’re building a unique “100%” model of fundraising.

With so much fraud and deception in the nonprofit industry, we’re working in the opposite direction. We want to be able to openly fundraise with the claim that ‘100% of every dollar goes straight to food for children.’

Our Impactivists support our mission by helping us move the needle in that direction with a gift of $50, $100, or more each month. They understand how their monthly gift to fund Backpack Friends operating costs empowers us to run the program with solvency and complete transparency to our Board and Impactivist members. This allows 100% of all other fundraising dollars to be leveraged to feed children in our communities.

Click here to become an Impactivist now. And if you'd like more detailed information, call me directly at 512-965-3052 or email me at at any time.

Tom Cottar


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