Delivery Volunteers

Can you DRIVE? Backpack Friends delivers food to kids EVERY week.

To volunteer in Pflugerville ISD (Mondays) or in Round Rock ISD (Thursdays),

click here and choose a campus near you!


Individual Volunteers

Can you help us for a few hours in the workroom? We're ALWAYS in need of volunteers to help us stock, count, sort, and prep bags and bins.


Email to get on our volunteer list or TEXT 512-965-3052!

Corporate and Individual Sponsorships

Some volunteers are door-openers: they help us partner with local businesses, as well as large corporations, who also want to make an impact thru their community development programs. Every little bit helps...see our #831 Story, then visit the Partners page.


Do you have a passion for events? Do you have good organizational skills? We'll try almost everything! Fun runs. Foodie Crawls. Concerts. House parties. Child sponsorships. Yard sales. Hunger walks. Motorcycle tour rides. Church lock-ins. Food drives. Even our online store. If you love talking to people, this is YOUR spot!

Email to join our team.


Packing Parties

​Our team of difference-makers is the heart and soul of our program. And who doesn't love a good time?!? Whether it's scouts, church groups, civic groups or corporate groups, come join our PACKING PARTIES!

See a list of volunteer dates HERE!