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We Need 3 People.

In creating a better future for children, we need 3 people. That's it. These three people can change the world. Maybe you're one of them?

Doers. People who can DO. People who love to serve. People who love to be hands-on. People who love people and love getting their hands 'dirty' by helping pack food, organize shelves, distribute to campuses and volunteer at events. People who like to get things done. We need you.

Donors. People who understand the incredible fact that we can feed a hungry child for the weekend for only $5. Who understand the immeasurable impact of changing a child's future. Those who have compassion for hungry children and recognize that a child's anxiety and worry and distress can disappear for less than the cost of a Starbucks coffee.

Door Openers. We need people who can connect our organization with their employer. Their church. Their community. People who can open up the opportunity for our team to tell our story to new audiences. Visionaries who understand what it takes to create an impact.

That's it. Wiping out weekend hunger only takes 3 people. It takes Doers, Donors, and Door Openers.

I'm not sure which one YOU are... but we need you.

Are you ready?

We have children on our waiting list who need a hero to step in. To get involved, click any tab at

We'd love to have you join our tribe. Together we can win the fight against weekend hunger.

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