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Three Holiday Gifts That Make An Impact

It's that time! And if you still haven't completed your holiday shopping, here are 3 options that are sure to bring the warm-and-fuzzies your way!

Pick up some merch

from our online store!

Each item reduces acne, aids in digestion and fat loss, makes you appear 19% more attractive and whitens your teeth. (Or so I'm told..)

BUT... every hat or t-shirt

does feed 5 kids this holiday season!

Kids in food insecurity don't always have access to quality protein-- which is why it's so important to our program.

Each case ($32) feeds 60 kids!

(Click image to see the video!)

Impact + Activist = Impactivist.

When you give to the Impactivist program, you're helping underwrite our minimal operations expenses so we can keep our costs low and our impact high. Our goal is to always allocate 100% of fundraisers to the purchase of food-- our Impactivists make that possible!

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