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Love Never Fails

We hear people complaining all the time about how bad the world is. Prejudice. Poverty. Injustice. SuperBowl halftime shows.  And sure.. we've got our problems. No doubt. We have a long way to go.

But when I take a good, hard look at the world around me, you know what I see?

Opportunity. Generosity. Service.

I see hard-working families doing their best to make their house a home.

I see a world wide web of information where anyone, anywhere, can learn a skill, create a job, sell a product, produce a video, and connect with anyone in the world for free.

I see a community of people who serve selflessly. People who give from their own pockets to help a stranger in need.

I see businessmen and businesswomen using their influence and ethics to help create a city that's good for all of us. Even those who may disagree with them.

Why do they do those things? Because love never fails.

It's not self-serving. It's not egotistical. It's not impatient.

Love protects. Trusts. Hopes. Perseveres.

For us, it all started one Monday morning when Maria woke up from the couch, running late for school. The alarm on her iPhone went off at precisely 5:45am. Maria groaned. She lifted the blanket off of her feet and swung her legs from the couch. Her back was stiff.

It was better than sleeping on the floor. Or in her car again.

At 16 years old, Maria had been couch surfing from friend to grandma to another friend to Tia Rosa’s house. With mom and dad out of the picture, she worked doubly hard to maintain her grades, work a part-time job, and juggle sleeping arrangements. By the time she made it to school, her hunger was more real than she realized… and halfway through her English class, she passed out at her desk.

For Backpack Friends, Maria was our eye-opener. She was the one who pulled back the curtain to food insecurity in our city. And five years later, we’ve delivered more than 15,000 bags of weekend food to children who can’t eat while away from their school campus.

And by we I mean you.

We simply couldn’t do it without your financial support.

For as little as $10 a month, you’re helping us be the ‘love that never fails’ to a child in need. It’s more than food. It’s hope.

To all of you who are already giving on a monthly basis, THANK YOU. In a world full of negativity, you're leading the way with hope and love.

And Love wins.

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