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10 Ways To Jump-Start Your Child's Success In School

Wanna help your child get the MOST out of this school year? Here are ten ways to jump-start their success.

1. Attend back-to-school events or meet-the-teacher events at your child’s school. The relationships with your child’s teacher can be vital to his/her success as a student. Jump in from Day 1.

2. Teach organizational skills. We all know the drill. The history teacher wants the world to revolve around history class. The soccer coach wants your student to live and breathe soccer. Academics, sports, family activities, civic and religious activities (and rest) all have to have a balanced rhythm in the life of your student. Teach them how to organize and manage their time.

3. Say the 14th and 15th letters of the alphabet together. Help them learn that they can, in fact, do anything... they just can’t do everything. Learning to prioritize and say ‘no’ to things is the only way to say ‘yes’ to what we really love.

4. Become familiar with the school’s website and policies. Your school’s administration staff are ready and eager to help your child succeed. In fact, it’s their passion. Be familiar with their policies and contact information.

5. Support attendance and homework expectations. Communicate with the school campus if unusual circumstances are making this difficult. Sometimes life happens.

6. Volunteer at your child’s school. Not everyone can volunteer at school... which is why it’s so important. For the few that can do it, you’re able to support your child’s teachers like no one else. And as a bonus, you can encourage the learning of multiple children while teaching your little one the importance of serving others.

7. Focus on learning, not grades. Help your child understand that you want their best work, not the best work. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. What’s more important than all A’s? Working hard. Doing your best every day. Learning all you can learn.

8. Play hard. Physical exercise is good for all of us. Whether it’s organized sports, a neighborhood bike ride, or a jump rope in the backyard, when the body moves the brain grooves.

9. Eat as healthy as possible. It’s critical to give their bodies good fuel and hydration. Lots of water and fresh food, less processed and fast food. If there doesn’t seem to be enough food in your home, talk to the school’s counselor or visit to see how your child can get assistance.

10. Sleep. During sleep, our our body and brain restore and recharge for the next day. It’s a lot like rebooting your computer or recharging your phone. Without quality sleep, your child’s emotions, coping skills, and ability to learn can quickly run out. Make sure they get plenty of sleep every night.

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