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The yogurt experience!


Heroes and FroYo!

You can be a hero to kids this summer. How? Our partnership with the amazing folks at The Yogurt Experience is July 10th-21st! And for every pint purchased, Backpack Friends will receive 50% of all sales towards feeding 

children this school year! 

*Every pint purchased will feed a child for 2 weekends.

Choose from 5 Limited Edition options: 

  • The Wolverine

Vanilla yogurt with a middle layer of Butterfinger. Topped with Butterfinger pieces. Cuts through your tastebuds like Adamantium.

  • The Batman

Chocolate yogurt with a middle layer of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Topped with peanut butter cups. Dark and broody just like the Dark Knight himself. 

  • The Flash

Strawberry yogurt with a middle layer of white chocolate chips. Topped with white chocolate chips. Satisfaction you'll never see coming!

  • The Black Widow

Salted Caramel with a middle layer of dark chocolate chips. Topped with dark chocolate and pecans... because YUM.

  • The Elektra

Watermelon sorbet. Light and yummy! Creamy smoothness like no other.

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