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Three Things You Need To Hear

Every morning when I drop my daughter off at school, I tell her three things.

I love you.

Have a great day.

Be legendary.

I want her to know those things... every day. But it's not just important for children to know it. It's equally important for us as adults to hear and know those three things as well. Every day, you need to know it as well. We all need to hear it.

1. "I love you." I want her to know that I'm in her corner. That no matter what comes, she matters to me unconditionally. Period. The end. No matter what. As adults, we need that same guarantee-- that someone loves us and is there for us unconditionally. Ride or die. Period.

2. "Have a great day." I want her to know I'm cheering for her. That today is successful, fruitful, productive, creative, and filled with limitless opportunities. As an adult, you and I need the same affirmation--that someone is cheering us on, hoping the best for us today, and fully confident that we will succeed.

3. "Be legendary." My daughter understands that being legendary isn't about followers or status. It's about caring for people around her. It means if someone is sitting on the playground by herself, go play with her. If someone is eating lunch by himself, go over and sit with him. Adults have a hard time with empathy sometimes. We need to remember leadership isn't about being in charge, it's about caring for those in your charge.

So before you get out there today, tell someone 'I love you, 'Have a great day' and 'Be legendary'. It just might change their world.

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