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Start With Why

The most important thing you do is really not the thing you do. It's why you do it. Whether you sell computers, coach soccer, work in an office, teach elementary school, or stay home to raise your kids, you are trading the one thing you can never get more of (your time) for something else. What we do with our one-and-only life is important, but why we do it is the real thing that matters.

In the BACKPACK FRIENDS tribe, we do what we do because we believe in a community where no child should ever go hungry.

We believe that the truest test of our love is in how we treat those who are most vulnerable.

We believe that every at-risk kid should have a equal chance at a beautiful future.

We believe that children who are suffering from hunger today are the doctors, scientists, teachers, police officers, firemen, politicians, coaches, and community leaders of tomorrow. And we believe it is our responsibility to give them our very best.

We believe that no one has ever become poor by giving.

And we believe that even if no one else will work for change, we will.

Thousands of kids in our school districts suffer from 'low food security'. But we're changing that. To all our partners and friends along the way, we're proud to stand with you.

We believe we're changing lives.

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