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wanna run for free??

Here's how it works!

Click below to set up your own Glow Run Fundraiser and be a hero to 50 (or more!) children when you raise $250 in sponsorships!

1. Follow the link below to set up your own run page in just a few easy clicks!

2. Post the link to your social media and email your favorite rich uncle. (Actually, you can send it to anyone who wants to be a hero!)

3. Set your fundraising goal to a minimum of $250. (You can do more if you want!) When you hit that goal, your race (and all the goodies) is complimentary... AND you'll have provided weekend meals to 50 or more kids! 

*Note: If, for any reason, a runner doesn't meet their fundraising goal, that runner will be expected to make up the difference themselves.

ready to change the world?

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