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Hunger Drive

Welcome to the second part of our Heroes against Hunger series!

Join us in our annual Hunger Drive happening on September 20th! You can help Backpack Friends raise money to help feed children in the Austin area by simply giving up a type of food for a week and donating $5 or more. We do this in solidarity with the many people going hungry due to COVID-19 and other influences. 


You can participate in this event wherever you are! We start on September 20th and end a week later on September 27th. This is a great way to make an easy diet plan and get your family and friends involved in a simple change you want to make! Registration starts now via this link:

Get your friends involved! Upon signing up you will receive graphics and an event description that you can publish on your social media to get your friends excited. The people who successfully invite the most people will be recognized by Backpack Friends.

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