Low Food Security

As you know, 1000s of kids in our school districts are on free and reduced meal programs. What you may not know is that when many of those kids leave school on Friday, they don't eat again until they return to school Monday morning. So, From Friday at lunch until Monday morning at  breakfast, they suffer from what's called 'low food security'.

Changing Lives

Backpack Friends is here to change that by providing low-cost, nutritious food every weekend for children who otherwise don't have anything to eat. 


We Need Your Help
Backpack Friends Incorporated is a 501c3 charity recognized by the IRS. Your tax-deductible donation helps feed a child suffering from hunger for as little as $29... that's less than $1/day! While we've distributed more than 10,000 backpacks of food so far, we're only getting started. 

Want to see our current MENU we offer kids? 

DOWNLOAD it below! 

Backpack Friends provides food for the ENTIRE WEEKEND for economically disadvantaged school kids. Your gift of $29 or more, helps provide a backpack of healthy, nutritious, shelf-stable food to a child that otherwise suffers from low food security. 

It's that simple. 

Hunger is complicated. Feeding a child isn't. 



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*Names of children on our site have been changed for their protection*.