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5K & Kids K.

DID YOU KNOW that 1 out of every 4 kids in Texas won't have enough food to eat this weekend?

DID YOU KNOW that there are thousands of children who rely on school meals during the week, but spend the weekends in homes that are food insecure?

DID YOU KNOW we're on a mission to wipe out weekend hunger in local communities?

We began by feeding 12 kids at a local campus and now have delivered more than 50,000 weekend food kits to children in our local communities! That's 50,000 happy tummies that might otherwise not eat anything from Friday lunch until Monday breakfast!

Check out the video above to see our LIVE moment on Facebook!

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Volunteer Update:

As you've read from the blog, safety is of utmost importance. You can download and view our 'Serving Safely' guidelines, all in accordance with CDC (as well as state and local) recommendations by clicking the button below. Or click to give here!


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